About Us "Passion & Pride"

Tanksforsale.com.au forms part of the family owned Home & Hose Group with the national office at Sheidow Park overlooking Adelaideís beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula and St Vincent's Gulf.

Committed that full service retailing is the only tried and tested best way to provide you with the best shopping experience, you will love the way we do business.

We understand that price is important and we are committed to provide the best quality products at the best prices. No exception.

We donít have a call centre, high pressure sales people, big flashy colorful press adverts, limited time and number sales, or first 100 callers rubbish. All these smoke and mirrors to reduce price, actually increases it. We know that you know this too. Our marketing follows the simple W.O.M.B.A.T principle "word of mouth best advertising technique."

We are a South Australian owned retailer and we partner with South Australian owned poly tank manufacturers. We are big believers that if you support local, local with support you. Congruency and authenticity remain our core values. This is why the Home & Hose Group have emerged as South Australia's major tank retailer.