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Team Poly Warranty information

Team Poly round water tanks sizes 545 Litres to 50,050 Litres have a 25 year pro-rata warranty subject to conditions.
Aqua Spring, Urban Slimline, Modular Corrogated & Flat, Razor Slimline and Boabab tanks have a 10 year pro-rata warranty subject to conditions.

Teampoly tank colour selection chart

1000L Razor Slim

(W 2400mm, H 1935mm, Depth 290mm)


2000L Razor Slim

(W 2400mm, H 1935mm, Depth 560mm)


1000L Stubby

(W 1200mm, H 1935mm, Depth 560mm)


1,000L Brick Round

(Diameter 900mm, H 2020mm)


13,500L Round

(Diameter 2805mm, H 2580mm)


1,600L Round

(Diameter 1220mm, H 1825mm)


2,300L Round

(Diameter 1720mm, H 1365mm)


27,000L Round

(Diameter 3,970mm, H 2,570mm)


3,000L Round

(Diameter 1,440, H 2,260mm)


50,050L Round

(Diameter 4,400, H 3,420mm)


5,400L Round

(Diameter 2,000, H 2,190mm)


8,000L Round

(Diameter 2,350mm, H 2,200mm)


22,500L Round

(Diameter 3,730mm, H 2,580mm)


4,500L Round

(Diameter 2,250mm, H 1,550mm)


9,000L Squat

(Diameter 2,890mm, H 1,900mm)


22,500L Tall Round

(Diameter 3,530mm, H 2,670mm)


4,500L Tall Round

(Diameter 1,830mm, H 2,120mm)


9,000 Tall Round

(Diameter 2,570mm, H 2,300mm)


545L Round

(Diameter 700mm, H 1,775mm)


900L Round

(Diameter 1,150mm, H 1,165mm)


1000L Boabab tank

Top Diameter 1115mm
Bottom Diameter 860mm
Overall Height 1495mm


3000L Boabab tank

Top Diameter 1845mm
Bottom Diameter 1600mm
Overall Height 1520mm


5000L Boabab tank

Top Diameter 2140mm
Bottom Diameter 1860mm
Overall Height 1805mm


10000L Boabab tank

Top Diameter 3060mm
Bottom Diameter 2730mm
Overall Height 2190mm


14000L Boabab tank

Top Diameter 3420mm
Bottom Diameter 3050mm
Overall Height 2450mm


650L Aqua Spring tank

Width 1090mm
Height 1780mm
Depth 500mm


1600L Aqua Spring tank

Width 1520mm
Height 2100mm
Depth 700mm


2700L Aqua Spring tank

Width 2500mm
Height 2000mm
Depth 750mm


3500L Aqua Spring tank

Width 2650mm
Height 2230mm
Depth 800mm


5000L Urban Fatboy tank

Width 3300mm
Height 2100mm
Depth 1050mm


1140L Corrogated Slimline tank (with stand)

Width 1800mm
Height 1570mm
Depth 500mm


1500L Corrugated Slimline tank

Width 1800mm
Height 2000mm
Depth 600mm


2000L Flat Slimline tank

Width 1950mm
Height 2000mm
Depth 600mm


2500L Corrugated Slimline tank

Width 2400mm
Height 2000mm
Depth 600mm


2500L Flat Slimline tank

Width 2400mm
Height 2000mm
Depth 600mm


Maxiplas Warranty information

Maxiplas round water tanks sizes 1000 Litres to 22,500 Litres have a 25 year pro-rata warranty subject to conditions.
Maxiplas Urban and Slimline Range sizes 500 Litres to 5000 Litres have a 10 year full replacement warranty subject to conditions

Maxiplas tank colour selection chart

Suburban Tanks

500L Maxicube

Height 1530mm
Width 670mm
Depth 600mm


700L Maxicube

Height 2100mm
Width 670mm
Depth 600mm


1050L Maxicube

Height 2100mm
Width 790mm
Depth 750mm


1000L Round

Height 1990mm
Width 900mm
Depth 900mm



2000L Squat Round

Height 1670mm
Width 1400mm
Depth 1400mm


2500L Round

Height 2040mm
Width 1400mm
Depth 1400mm


5000L Round

Height 2170mm
Width 1800mm
Depth 1800mm


5400L Round

Height 2320mm
Width 1800mm
Depth 1800mm


Rural Tanks

10000L Round

Height 2350mm
Diameter 2550mm
Inlet Ht. 2150mm


14000L Round

Height 2450mm
Diameter 3000mm
Inlet Ht. 2240mm


22500L Round

Height 2500mm
Diameter 3700mm
Inlet Ht. 2200m



Thintank 1000L

Litres 1000L
Height 1850mm
Length 2400mm
Width 260mm


Thintank 2000L

Litres 2000L
Height 1850mm
Length 2400mm
Width 480mm


Thintank 3000L

Litres 3000L
Height 1950mm
Length 2920mm
Width 580mm



1050L Urban

Litres 1050L
Height 1655mm
Length 2025mm
Width 450mm


1100L Urban

Litres 1100L
Height 1800mm
Length 1380mm
Width 640mm


2300L Urban

Litres 2300L
Height 1720mm
Length 2460mm
Width 760mm


3000L Urban

Litres 3000L
Height 2020mm
Length 2570mm
Width 790mm


Galvanised Tank with Stand 1000L


Colorbond Tank with Stand 1000L


Garden Bed Pricing

*Tank includes Stand, Tap and Overflow Filter. Delivery charges apply for Amari tanks

Galvanised 1900L x 600W x 400H


Galvanised 1900L x 650W x 800H


Colorbond 1100L x 600W x 450H


Colorbond 1900L x650W x 400H


Colorbond 1900L x650W x 800H